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At Peacock Productions we do high quality video production that’s engaging and captivating. We help tell your company story and drive brand authenticity through inspiring video production that people really engage with.

We are obsessed with communication and how this complex facet of life can be simplified into something engaging, informative and most importantly genuine.

A video production agency based in between Geneva and Lausanne.
We drive big ideas – efficiently!

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Our process


We talk about the brief and discuss your aspirations for the project. We create and strategise a concept specifically designed to best tell your story that will be engaging to your market. At this point the storyboards are dratfed.


Pre production is vital to any successful video. We scout areas where we will film, organise any permits, gather talent, and make sure that everything is ready for the day we film.


Production is when we get to have the real fun of bringing your stories to life. We film with the best cameras in the industry and work with the best directors all over the world ensuring the highest quality.


The magic of post-production is editing and crafting your footage into engaging, informative and inspiring content. Telling your story in its most cinematic and captivating format.

colour grade

Color grading is the art of manipulating the hue, saturation and luminance of the colors in your video. We use Davinci Resolve, the industry standard for professional colour correction.

sound design

Sound design elevates the entire edit by another notch, it pulls in the viewer, adds details which informs the mind subconsciously of what is being communicated. This final step adds cohesion to the whole video.

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About us

At Peacock Productions, we’re an international group of creative video production experts who sink our teeth into the work we do. From social media campaigns to corporate identities, we produce high quality video content.

We do big ideas efficiently! No longer are the days of 30 person film crews wasting time and money. We get only the best people we need and cut the fat. We know that budgets and deadlines need to be met, we understand today’s fast-moving landscape and embrace it.

Our ethic is that we do everything in life with love, care, and understanding. We believe this ethic is a great place to start when making videos.

This way of thinking translates into engaging, genuine and most importantly informative videos for our clients and their viewers
There is no doubt about it, today’s premium visual medium is video. It’s simply more effective to communicate ideas through video production than any other medium.

Communicating your ideas succinctly through video production is what we do best. We love to mix brand strategy with digital marketing and throw in a bash of filming expertise to produce exceptional engaging content and strong social media campaigns.

About our services


Research shows 60% of visitors prefer to watch a video about a company to reading about it. Video Production attracts three times as many clicks compared to text.

Video Production has become essential to any company’s marketing strategy.


Video production is one of the best tools to execute a social media campaign, SEO exercise or to refresh website’s content.

Consumers want to connect with brands not be assaulted by them, the most effective way to do this is by resonating with them on an emotional level.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are animated representations of data.

The best motion graphics tend to use tastefully applied animations to make the information more visually appealing or comprehensible.

Branded Content/

Advertising is becoming, well, less like advertising in the traditional sense, at least.

Brands have evolved beyond just talking at people and touting their benefits. In an age of authenticity, brands strive to tell stories and build genuine relationships with their consumers.


Whatever type of corporate event you are planning, our team is ready to capture it for you.

Whether you want to enhance your profile, build loyalty or disseminate ideas, our skillfully produced videos will greatly enhance the impact of your event.

Colour Grading

Color grading is the art of manipulating the hue, saturation and luminance of the colors in your video. It’s just as much of an art as is the entire process of editing, directing, or producing for that matter.

We use Davinci Resolve, the industry standard for professional colour correction.

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Creative Director

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