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In today’s internet of things there is so much content its hard to wade through it all. That’s why our new mantra is we do positive media.

Sustainability, Technology, Nature

Why do we tell tales? Telling stories is part of what makes us, well, us. They help us understand our world and marvel at it.

Sport – Nature – Business


Client: Romande Energie
Director: Andy Bamford

Romande Energie asked us to produce a video campaign illustrating their move towards a sustainable and green future.

Innovation &

Client: Vaud+
Director: Andy Bamford

Vaud wants to promote itself as the silicon valley of europe, with its various innovation hubs and diverse sectors it’s an amazing location to start a company. We created a storyline based on real companies and startups in the region. We filmed and produced what we believe puts a spotlight on the beating pulse of a dynamic and prosperous region.

Branded content /

Client: Ice Breaker
Director: Jase Hancox

Winter collection 2018/2019 .

Showcasing how the ethos of Ice breaker is : made different.


Client: Audi
Director: Jase Hancox
Creative Director: Andy Bamford

Peacock productions was involved with the whole process of post-production of this documentary.

From editing to color grading.


Client: The North Face
Director: Will Lascelles

Vimeo Staff Pick
VIMM Finalist
Offical Selection 5 Point

James Pearson, Cedar Wright, and Yuji Hirayama travel to climb the world’s tallest sea cliff, Cape Enniberg.

Real estate

Client: Implenia – Green Village
Agency: Base
Director: Andy Bamford

What makes a home so special?

Client: Point Rive
Agency: Base design
Director: Andy Bamford

We were asked to create a campaign portraying the best aspects of point rive – Lausanne.

Colour grading

We use Davinci Resolve, the industry standard for professional colour correction

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